Coronavirus Update in Jacksonville Beach, FL

At Beaches Dentistry we have always been committed to the highest standards of patient care and safety for all.

Dr. Nodesh and Dr. Raina have been constantly educating themselves with the various aspects of this evolving pandemic. They have worked up safety guidelines, protocols and made in-office modifications to improvise and implement added safety protocols. 

Universal Precautions, in accordance with American Dental Association (ADA), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and Florida Department of Health (FL DoH) rules have always been part of our practice protocols. You may have noticed some of them during your visits to our office; Hand washing, sanitizing, disinfecting, use of masks, eye glasses, protective gowns, sterilizing instruments, new and clean disposables, are only a few of them. 

We have been closely monitoring and following recommendations made by the ADA, CDC, OSHA, FL DoH and WHO that are unique to the SARS CoV-2 and CoVID-19. We follow the activities of these reputed institutions so that we are up-to-date on any new guidance and/or recommendations that may be issued, in interest of Public Health. 
In addition to always following;
✅Universal Precautions 
✅The Highest Standard of Care and 
✅Recommendations from CDC, OSHA, FLDoh, ADA, AAO
We are also implementing added Preventative Interim Protocols (PIP) to provide extra layers of prevention and safety to keep our patients and our team safe.

We officially re-opened on May 4th 2020 and we are asking for YOUR HELP in implementing some of these Preventative Interim Protocols (PIP). We will educate and inform you of your specific roles when it is time for your next appointment. So you are familiar with what to expect, we are outlining some of these PIP here.



  • Appointments are being scheduled in a way so we can allow for social distancing between patients in the common areas. 
  • Only patients are allowed inside the office, with a few exceptions like a child patient
  • Appointment times have been increased to allow sufficient time to implement the PIP.
  • Due to the above we are functioning at reduced capacity. This may mean that you are offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment. We apologize for that in advance.



  • Every patient is being pre-screened over the phone prior to every visit with questions that help us determine the status of their health as it related to SARS CoV-2.
  • Similar screening occurs right before your appointment.
  • All check-in for all appointments are being done curbside over the phone and further instructions are then provided.
  • You may be requested to wait in the car after check-in. This is to keep minimal to no traffic in common areas.
  • At this time, we are requesting only the patient to enter the office and all and any company to wait in the vehicle. If you have special requests, please inform us in advance.
  • For minor patients, only 1 parent will be allowed to enter the office and further instructions will be provided.
  • We ask everyone entering the office, to please have their masks on until further instructions are provided.
  • We ask you please do not wear gloves. If you do, immediately remove and discard them in the trash can upon entering the office. 
  • Upon entry and before exit, all patients are required to go to the bathroom and wash hands with soap & water or use hand saintizer
  • Patients are asked to confirm and sign a document with the screening questions.
  • Body temperature will be recorded on all patients with a touchless thermometer


  • Physical Barriers are being used at the reception area.
  • We have hand sanitizers in several areas of our office that you may use as needed. 
  • All clipboards & pens are disinfected before and after each use. 
  • We are also disinfecting high touch surfaces in common areas multiple times a day.
  • You may see that our waiting room will no longer offer communal items such as magazines and brochures.
  • In addition to the UV light in our vents, HEPA filters are installed in all areas of our office.
  • In addition to intral oral suction, we now have an Extra Oral Suction Unit installed
  • We have also added FDA approved High level Disinfectant System (Hypochlorous Acid) also used in hospitals and food industry



  • All our team members go through the screening and temperature checks every day. 
  • They are all educated and informed about CoVID-19
  • Our team has always taken upon themselves to maintain a clean and sanitary work area, follow meticulous sterilization and disinfection techniques and put safety first for themselves and everyone around them.

We want to assure you that nothing is more important to us than your and our team’s safety. We have missed you and we look forward to seeing you again.  We are in the process of contacting you to schedule your appointments. If you have an appointment that was cancelled or care that is pending, please call our office at 904-246-6714, so we can assist in getting you back in.


What Our Patients Are Saying

“I initially sought Dr. Nodesh for his specialty and advanced experience in prosthodontics. Dr. Nodesh, along with his entire staff, has been incredibly helpful and thorough in responding to all my questions and concerns in developing a treatment plan. This practice has completely exceeded my expectations! I see Dr. Nodesh and staff for all general dentistry concerns as well and I recently had a wonderful cleaning visit! I’d also like to note that the front desk is composed of two of the most delightful women I have ever met!” Krista Read More “Dr. Raina is absolutely amazing! She is professional, compassionate, and just so friendly and pleasant. She made the 'braces experience' wonderful for my son and her confidence gives me every confidence!! Dr. Raina explains her decisions for treatment and your child's progress every step of the way. She's the best and my family loves her!” Kacie & Drake Read More “I don’t have to smile with my mouth closed anymore! Dr Nodesh’s expertise at Beaches Dentistry made me smile big again. I’m so happy to have a healthy smile. He truly cares about his patients and their needs. I highly recommend Dr. Nodesh. He is gentle, patient, trusting, and positive, & has a wonderful staff, especially my hygienist of many years, Anethette.” Esther Read More “CAN'T say enough about what a great experience I've had, and continue to have, with Dr. Nodesh and all the girls at Beaches Dentistry. If anyone out there needs a dentist that's kind, gentle, and very caring, this is the dentist for you! Thank you Dr. Nodesh and staff!” Sylvia Read More “We have had only positive experiences with Dr. Raina. She is excellent with children and has a way to make everyone feel comfortable. She explains each part of the process clearly and lets you have an informed decision in your treatment plan. I would recommend anyone to her, and if any of my other children need braces, I wouldn't even look someplace else. We feel so blessed to have Dr. Raina as part of this community.” Rassoull Read More “Dr. Nodesh and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I’m very impressed with the up-to-date technology and procedures. The office is very clean, decorated professionally, and gives a warm home effect. I would highly recommend this dentist office.” Shelly Read More “I love Dr. Nodesh’s 'bedside' manner. I feel very cared for when I visit. The hygienist is conscientious of my time, the front staff makes me feel like family, and they have the latest technology making dental care much more advanced. Great place!” Wendy Read More “Dr. Raina is a wonderful professional. She made my son and myself feel not only as a patient but as a family. She always gave us a smile and made every appointment with her a great experience. She did a good job with my son's braces and made us enjoy the journey with confidence. We are going to miss Dr. Raina.” Anonymous Read More “I highly recommend Dr. Nodesh. He recently handled a dental emergency that required an implant. I was pleased with the way he answered all of my questions, provided information about my options, and most importantly, with the skill with which he handled the procedures from start to finish. I appreciate that he makes the time to communicate not only during the office visit but with followup.” Victoria Read More
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